Samantha Yeargin

Apr 9, 2018, 10:50 PM

To Do List

I burned through about four of my queued-up blog post ideas in the last month. So here goes:

  • I’m now an RRCA-certified running coach! I’d originally planned to do an entire post about this but, when I sought out others’ posts, they’re almost all the same. I commuted to Franklin for the two-day classroom portion, held at a resort-like gym in what used to be farmland near my pediatrician’s office way back in the day.


  • I finally made it to Rivendell Writers Colony. I was supposed to go for a weekend workshop with Jami Attenberg in January, but a snowstorm made a trip up Monteagle Mountain hazardous and the workshop was cancelled. I emailed back about a March stay on Saturday and on Monday learned that the woman who owned the property wanted to turn it into a different kind of retreat. My visit was on the last weekend they were open, before Easter. I didn’t get any fiction written, but I did write a boatload of poetry. The supreme quiet and the spotty cell signal was great for productivity. (Also, not having to go outside every two hours with a dog is, too.) When I wasn’t writing, I was studying for my RRCA exam. I slipped out to the car at 7 a.m. Sunday, drove home, opened my laptop, and took my exam.

  • The dog is shedding so much. We ran the Roomba three times in our bedroom alone last weekend. Only puppies lived in the house when I was growing up, unless it was particularly cold. We had a chow chow puppy so briefly that I can’t even remember where he would have slept. He was certainly not around long enough to blow a coat. Needless to say this is an adjustment.

  • We replaced the existing fence with a much nicer one and demoed the rotting, leaning shed, replacing it with a “garden hutch.” We still have to remove the carport and the concrete slab behind the house before we can enclose the backyard and regain a bit of sanity around the whole “letting the dog out” thing.

  • I took Facebook and Twitter off my phone a while back. Probably not related at all, as of today I will have logged as many read books into Goodreads in 2018 as I did for all of 2017.