Samantha Yeargin

Aug 28, 2018, 11:30 PM

Backyard Eve

The last two months have flown by. Here’s some things that have happened since the last time I opened my text editor to write:

  • The very day after the anniversary of the last day the dog peed or pooped in the house - which we knew because it was the day he ate drywall - he pooped in his crate. A few more times, a couple of vet visits, hosing off the dog and his bedding in the front yard, some prescription food, and probiotic powders we call “flavor packets,” and he seems to be back to normal. Tonight we upgraded him from the “X-Large” crate to the “XX-Large” crate; it’s barely perceptibly bigger, but he has a little more clearance when he sits in it and, if he poops in it, he should have enough room to curl up and snooze away from the poop. He wagged his tail furiously and kept licking our legs between loops running into the new crate, so I think he likes it.
  • 5K coaching ended. We ran so many hills and I felt so much stronger than the last few years! I did not actually get to run the Tomato 5K, however; I pulled an inner thigh muscle working with my trainer the Thursday before. That Saturday morning I grabbed a whistle, put a tomato bandana on the dog, had Stephen drop us off, and stood at the finish line ushering each of my runners across. There was a two-week running hiatus, then I showed up to the Wednesday night run and managed to shave 5 minutes off the same route’s May time.
  • Half marathon training has started in earnest. Sunday long runs in this August heat can be miserable, though. This week we met at the Two Rivers Dog Park, ran a gradual down slope toward the pedestrian bridge and the Shelby Bottoms Greenway … then had to slog the 2.5 miles back across the river, uphill, to my car. The turnaround point was only a mile from my house, so that was a test of willpower.
  • I joined the PyTennessee organizing committee as marketing co-chair.
  • I started my term on the board of NLC Nashville.
  • I also started a fiction workshop through The Porch. The participants are all so different and the instructor is such a talented short story writer - I’m really looking forward to seeing what we all generate over the next month.
  • Somewhere in all that, I need to start studying for my AWS certification, because I’ve signed up for the exam.

Next week the carport will be gone, and the week after that the backyard will be completely fenced in. I can hardly believe it.

Goodreads update

Still reading a lot.

Goodreads - August 28, 2018