The dog doesn't believe in sleeping in past 7:30. At least not in the bedroom. He whines until at least one of us joins him in the living room, where he promptly stretches across the couch and ottoman and falls asleep. It's just as well. I should have been up at 5:30 today, preparing to run a 5K. I realized when picking up the packet yesterday afternoon that the starting location had changed since I'd signed up, and surely enough the route did too - no longer a jaunt through downtown, it now started with a run over the pedestrian bridge, through the metal scrapping site, and back.

Starting and finishing over the pedestrian bridge. The only time I've run across that bridge at any decent pace was when finishing a 9-mile half-marathon training run, and it was because my car was on the other side.

Coaching yesterday was good. It feels hotter than usual this summer, and I need to help one of my co-coaches get a better feel for the pace we're supposed to be running, as we were about three minutes too fast for one interval. But I am ready for this summer rhythm: a little overscheduled, a lot accomplished.

I'd signed up for #1000wordsofsummer but this is possibly one of the worst two week periods to do this. The first day was the last day of a sprint at work, and the last day is a day my parents will be in town. It also feels like nobody talking about participating has a day job. At any rate I've decided to save all the emails and start my own 15-day writing streak on the 30th, right before the 4th of July holiday.

Goodreads update

I've reached the "the library only had paper copies of the book in my hold list" portion of my reading backlog, so my Goodreads progress has slowed significantly.

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