Unfinished Projects

This week marks two years since we closed on the house. I try not to dig too far into the mental list of projects still not completed - still haven't ripped out the carport and its concrete pad, haven't finished enclosing the backyard with a fence, haven't replaced the last original window, haven't renovated the den. There's still patched drywall from where the electrical panel was moved, and chewed drywall from last summer when Indy was teething. I keep telling myself nothing else happens until the backyard is enclosed: not the den floor, which is holding up getting an upright deep freeze which is holding us up from joining a meat CSA; not replacing the compact car I bought ten years ago that we now call the "dog car" with a crossover we could car camp in with said dog. Nothing until we don't have to stand in the front yard like assholes with a dog who wants to eat clover and watch traffic go by and feel his ears flapping in the breeze.1

But first, we need to cut a channel in the carport concrete. Both to pull water away from the house when the carport itself is removed and to help the hardscapes contractor have a better idea of what he'd be dealing with, so we have a better idea of how much cash to sock away. We were supposed to do this last weekend, but my parents are renovating their kitchen. This weekend it is raining. Next weekend I am at PyCon.

The other effort of mine that keeps being thwarted is getting ready for coaching a new summer of couch-to-5K. I've gone back to my personal trainer, running a race a week, and I'm taking a bunch of classes at a new yoga studio … but something comes up every time I want to just go for a run with friends. This week, it was a sore throat caused by allergies. I keep reminding myself that, for coaching, all that matters is that I'm about a week ahead of my runners, but that doesn't help me with, say, the half marathon I signed up for next spring.

What has not been thwarted yet? Daily planks. I choose to believe my trainer's exuberant whoop was not a lie and that I am, in fact, holding good form.

I am also still reading a lot.

Goodreads - May 3, 2018

1: That sounds adorable, actually, except when it is happening in the middle of the night or at the crack of dawn.

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