Opportunity Costs

Spotify threw this podcast series into today's recommendations and phew. Even though I can be pedantic and the series misuses the term "opportunity cost" in much the same way many misuse "begging the question" — there's not as much choice in these stories as "opportunity cost" implies — I also highly recommend taking a listen.

Sidenote: I really don't like listening to podcasts on Spotify, because there isn't a playlist of new episodes of podcasts you subscribe to, but it is my listening app of choice on my work machine, so.

Other things I'm recommending? These stainless steel straws. We recycle and we're starting to compost, so I get it, but every time I read someone chastising folks for using straws all I can think is, don't you want to have tooth enamel in your fifties? So far I've only tried them with kombucha, but when my current fitness thing is over I will try them with wine and report back.

About that fitness thing: a local supplement shop also has a metabolic testing and imaging lab, and they run a contest every January to April. Technically I am vying with a few dozen other people for cash prizes if I lose the most body fat or gain the most muscle mass by percentage, but what I am really doing is holding myself accountable for building up my fitness before coaching season comes back around. Which essentially means I'm taking this time to force myself to finally become a morning person, because after a few years of group runs, this "block off multiple nights a week for running" business is wearing thin. I'm also reading a lot of Ask a Swole Woman (RIP The Hairpin) and refusing to feel guilty about having a Freshly subscription.

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