Just Don't

I want to eradicate the word "just" from my vocabulary.

Not "just" as in true and right, or "just" as an assurance ("Just two more steps …"), but "just" as used to describe the level of complexity of a problem and/or to offer a solution to said problem. It slips into conversations between people who are and who aren't, who can and who can't. I think of pundits declaring what the poor should just do. I think of the guy who couldn't do a task himself but would aggressively ask why I wouldn't just do something out of scope. It is the verbal stamping of feet and it is dismissive, all at once.

Just exercise more.

Just eat healthier.

Just change jobs.

Just move.

As if nobody had thought of those "solutions" on their own, and dismissed them because life is just not that simple.

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