When I was five, my kindergarten teacher sent me home with a note on my report card that said I talked too much. When I was fifteen, a teacher wrote on a progress report that I was “reticent.” As an adult I find myself somewhere between those extremes.

I'm an elder millennial, which means I'm both old enough to have been writing online and building websites for most of my life and to clearly remember a time before the wider adoption of the Internet. After a post-grad school career in marketing communications, I attended a software engineering bootcamp in 2014 and have been slinging code full-time ever since. I've written Erlang, Python, and now Go for production.

I'm a sustainer in the Junior League of Nashville and an RRCA Level 2 certified running coach, but in this season of life most of my free time is spent with my family.


This website is built using Eleventy, and a modified version of this Eleventy starter. The primary differences:

  1. I hate tags, so I'm not using them.
  2. I ported the styles away from Stylus because I still haven't fully forgiven its creator for leaving a section of the then-Jade/now-Pug template engine's documentation to read, "I'll fill this in later, lol."
  3. I improved the file organization, with heavy inspiration from Mina Markham's Cupcake.