"Just" Don't

I want to eradicate the word "just" from my vocabulary. Not "just" as in true and right, or "just" as an assurance ("Just two more steps …"), but "just" as used to describe the level of complexity of a problem and/or to offer a solution to said problem. It slips… »

Modest Goals for the Rest of 2014

Blog more. Stop hoarding stationery. I still have thank you notes I purchased when I got married … eight years ago. Write more thank-you notes. This should help take care of goal #2. Use up the craft supplies I already have. Fix the tension on my sewing machine. Finally remove that… »

Why Blog?

I don't know why I'm doing this. It took me less time to install this blogging software — no "five-minute install," either — than it did for me to decide what I'd use it for. What do I write, these days? Code. (Lots and lots of code.) Handwritten notes about code. E-mails… »